About Us

I'm Joyce I was always interested in genealogy and in Peoples past.
My parents broke up when I was 4 years old, not really knowing my father, I decided to start looking for Frank Elmer Koehn. I hit a lot of brick walls. 
I found out he had married for the third time, I locating him and his third wife but found that both of them had Past Away. I had to find a living relative somewhere. I tried finding Frank’s parents but they were gone too, I went on the internet and located 200 Koehn’s from Kansas alone, I mailed out 20 letters a week until I got up to about 160 letters sent before I heard from Uncle Wayne a long lost brother of my fathers. I was more than over joyed. I was on my way to my first family reunion ever but I hit another brick wall, My job had ended, I now could not afford to go to Kansas. This is when my long lost uncle Wayne and his wife Gloria had came to the rescue, they had sent me a round trip ticket  and I had the time of my life.